Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sky View, my high school I attended my senior year, just put on their spring musical! It was Oklahoma and was way fun! I laughed and screamed like crazy! I really squelled when my two best guy friends were smooching on the stage! Ha ha ha! Pretty sure I made them lose character slightly! :)

An Aggie Game

Let's just say, Utah State Basketball games are the craziest ever! Including the half time show where 120 women ages 40-93 did a dance to "Love Shack!" I was dying! Especially when the little 93 year old did the splits! I haven't screamed that loud in a long time. I want to be like her when I grow up! Which, hmmmm, is going to be kind of hard, considering I've never been able to do the splits. But you know, when I'm 93, it will come naturally, huh?


I did not want to see the movie. It looked way lame, but my two guy friends pulled the, "You made us watch Twighlight" card,... dang... so of course I had to go. It was a pleasant surprise! I actually really liked it :)

Just a crazy Weekend!

Crashing a friends Christmas party for some delicious Christmas food!
The "Cut the flour game", where I lost...
Serioulsy, flour tastes dang sick!
Gingerbread temples for a Relief Society Activity. I made the Las Vegas temple, but no need to tell you that, eh? You could totally tell!
Ugly Sweater Party... yep. Thats what you do in Utah.

Noelles Birthday

My super good friend Noelle finally turned 16! We had a little celebration with her where we gave her a cute little picture thing and the Obama bag. We had pancakes, and a cute pancake birthday cake :) I love that girl!