Saturday, March 26, 2011

Makes me smile :)

Do you ever just seem to have one of those days where everything goes your way??? It's the truth; sometimes blessings are so abundantly poured upon us that you can't help but smile and know that someone is looking out for you :) Here are some the great things that have happened these past few days!!!

1. I received a beautiful keyboard in the mail from my father that now sits in our front apartment room. There has already been a jam session and I'm sure many to come.

2. I spent four hours at Pickleville Playhouse as the audition accompanist!!! It was a blast being with the family and hearing amazing and talented people auditioning! I played pretty okay, regardless of how nervous I was. It is very scary to have sheets of music you have never seen before placed in front of you and expected to play it. But what fun!

3. I attended an Institute friday night activity where they were doing a little carnival. There was a mechanical bull, popcorn, cotton candy, races, fishing pond, face painting, and my personal favorite, the arm wrestling contest. I threw my name up on the board simply because they needed some more girls to participate. They set it up with a legit bracket, where I worked my way up and eventually won the arm wrestling women bracket! Who does that?!?!?!? Ha ha ha! I was dying! I beat out about 15 girls and came out champion! Ha ha ha! Just something silly that makes me smile :) 

4. Saturday morning we had a staff meeting for my computer lab job. We vote on employee of the month, and this month, I was awarded the, "Consultant of the Month" award. I received a legit certificate, a 4 gb usb drive, and a round of applause! Another little thing to just make me smile :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oregon Coast

The most amazing Spring Break trip ever :) Oregon Coast baby :) I am so blessed.

All the girls on our last night, love them.
Exploring the caves right below our place
Forbidden Cave
Awesome piece of artwork at the Newport Aquarium, so cool
The beach was beautiful!
In Portland, what a neat city! I would love to spend more time there.

A ledge that we waited for the waves to go out to cross over, I was so proud I made it over.
Octopus at the Aquarium! INsane!
Aquarium, there are some jelly fish behind us
Can you believe how beautiful this is?
At Buffalo Wild Wings on the drive down, what a cute group
The view outside our window, insane!
Such a beautiful ocean
All of us
Our time share
Cape Foulweather
Me and Tan after Mo's
After church in Newport we went on a beautiful walk. So pretty.
Devils punch bowl
This cracked me up :)
We made dinner 4 nights and it was so good! Sitting and eating.
Mary and I
Voodoo Doughnuts, some world renowned weird-oh dounut shop! Crazy place to see!

Dinner at the Sea Hag. So yummy. Brent was a doll and let us get whatever we wanted. I ordered a crab, shrimp dish. So scrumptious. I'm thinking crab might be my favorite food ever.

Friday, March 11, 2011

T and Lo

First Voice Recital

On March 2nd, 2011 my voice students performed their first recital. I am so blessed to be the teacher of over ten students. I love teaching them and being around their wonderful personalities. I found this darling retirement home called Legacy home and asked if we could do a recital for the residents while they ate dinner. I had eight girls who wanted to participate and all showed up in their Sunday best looking so adorable. We set up the room so their parents and friends could sit in the front while the residents listened in the back. 


I think I might have even been more nervous than the girls! But all in all, it was a nice, short, quaint recital. The girls did a wonderful job, especially for it being many of their very first times singing in front of people. I accompanied them all on the piano and loved seeing their families. Again, how blessed am I? At age 19, to have 10 voice students and be payed to do something I completely love! What darling girls, what a darling place to perform, what a darling recital! I am so blessed...

Lost Wallet

Have you ever lost your wallet??? Oh my goodness, what a pain! I lost mine a day before I was heading on a trip to Oregon. What does this mean?
*No money
*No liscence to drive
*No library card to rent books
*Lost $50 check
*No return receipts
*No student ID card
*A whole lot of stress!

I rushed to the bank and had all my cards cancelled and some new ones started. I took out some money and hoped it would cover the whole weekend.

When I got home from the trip, I planned on heading to the licence place to get a new one printed for $25, a new student ID for $15, and a library card for $10. So fun... I went out to my car and found a note that said someone had found my wallet in this parking space and if it was mine to give them a call.

What a blessing!

What a relief!

I am thankful for honest people. I am thankful for opportunities to grow and learn from. I'm thankful for the bitter, because otherwise I would not know the sweet. I'm so glad my wallet has been found. I'm know my Heavenly Father watches out for me and gives me little stressful moments like this to grow from :) It might seem like such a little thing, but I do believe we are given challenges and little situations like this to learn a lot.

D&C 29:39   "For if they never should have bitter they could not know the sweet-"

Basketball Finale!

Here are some pictures from the last Aggie basketball game of the season. We sat pretty darn close this game in the student section.  I have never seen the spectrum that full! At the beginning of the game, they passed out bright blue, latex gloves for everyone to wear! It looked insane! And the loud noise the gloves made when you clapped was so wild! Seriously, I think Aggie fans are some of the best in the world! They are insane and it is a complete blast to be a part of them :)
Taneesa and I
Smiling big for my Aggies :)
Two of my favorite people, check out the gloves
Right after half time when the "Wild Bills" were revealed. It was pretty flipping awesome
After the win, everyone rushed the court to watch the players cut the net. I was stuck out there for a good 20 minutes, but made it out in time to snap this picture
What a game, what a night, what a school :)