Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend Get-a-way

With all my crazy Pickle Ville Shows, there is hardly anytime for vacationing this summer. I decided I needed to take advantage of the 4 days I had off to go on a little trip. I got to see my darling cousins and some friends at BYU!!! What fun to get out of cache valley for a few days and be with some people I love :)
One of my favorite relatives and people in the entire world :)
"California Girls, we're unforgetable"
Thanks for putting up with my craziness!
We went on a lovely trip to DI! This aisle was my favorite with the rainbow of cups!!!! Pretty :) Oh, the magical things of DI!Adorable little freshman Shaylee, visiting her on her second week of BYU! I love this girl! Cougars of BYU.... Grrrr?
My good friend Peter that I met last summer in LA! What a great guy :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lagoon w/ BFF of the Past

This past weekend was so wonderful! It just so worked out that I didn't have work, didn't have play practice, and my best friend that I hadn't seen in almost 3 years was heading down to Lagoon! It was a total blast seeing her! We just picked up right where we left off, and had a great time at the park :) I sure do love that girl.

Top Things that happened at Lagoon.

1. Someone threw up on Wicked, which was a pretty wimpy coaster. I don't think many people throw up, so the staff didn't know what to do. It took 15 minutes for them to figure out to wipe it up and move on! Ha ha ha! I was laughing! And of course the girl throws up right before it was our turn!

2. We saw a kid that looked just like Justin Bieber! Oh My Gosh! So this girl named Lauren and I asked if we could have a picture with him! He said sure and smiled! Ha ha ha! There were so many kids working there that looked so under age. When Lauren and I saw a worker that looked super young, we would say under our breathe, "You have rights you know... There are laws against this sort of thing"

3. I loved the ridiculous signs they had everywhere. I laughed quite hard at this one!

4. Riding the Merry-Go-Round was great when the only horse left was the one the heck-a-way from my group. The little girl next to me kept looking at me with a look on her face like, "Seriously, you are riding this ride by yourself? How old are you, loser?" Ha ha ha!
5. It was sooooo cold most the day at Lagoon. It was about 5 pm and we were all pretty tired. The only spot we could seem to find in the sun to sit, was in the middle of the pathway. So we all took a seat. We received a few strange looks.

6. It was great being with so many wonderful, fun kids, especially my best bud Ashley! I sure do love that girl :)