Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brother Kingston

Last night Sean Kingston performed at Utah State for the end of the year bash! It was a big free street performance with lots of people. A ribbon was cut, renaming 7th street to Aggie Boulevard. Mr. Kingston sang a song that cracked me up. I thought I'd post the lyrics so you can enjoy as well. Kinda terrible, but still made me chuckle... :)

"Your Sister"

Hey Yo J.R
I meet A lot of Beautiful girls in my life man
But this situation is kinda weird
I like her sister

I was just walking out school
I saw this girl gettin off the train
We exchanged numbers and went on a couple dates
At first everything was cool
Until I meet her sister Lorraine
Got introduced to each other and then everything changed

I wanted a piece of that forbidden fruit
But my homies said to stay away
But I'm 17 what you expect me to do
I guess we'll charge it as a part of the game

If I'm wrong oh I don't want to be right
I kissed your sister last night
It ain't my fault
I guess your sister's my type

Now I'm on the telephone talking
With Lorraine but her sisters on the other line
But I can't help my self Cause Lorraine too fine
And I know this may be wrong but it feels so right
Her sister is nice but Lorraine is more like sugar and spice

Sorry that it had to go like this way
But you know your sisters got what I need
Cause I got to be with Lorraine
And I'm over you

Wow Sean, you be deep.... ba ha ha ha!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pa Pa Pa Poker Face

Taneesa and I were called upon to MC the ward talent show last Monday evening. What a crazy time, trying to come up with something clever to say in between each act... We sang a really fun version of Lady GaGa's Poker Face song. Everyone loved it a lot, even though we both knew we could have done it one hundred times beter! Here is a fun picture of us singing at the ward talent show. I am so blessed to have the talents I do, and the wonderful ward that I do.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mountain Men Date

Taneesa and I were asked out on a lovely date with two of our favorite people in the whole world. We went into the canyon, had a bon fire and dinner. The whole night was so flipping fun, but lets just go over a few highlights...
  • When they came to pick us up, I decided to wear my ugly purple trek night gown and act like I was dead serious that I was going to wear it. They said I looked beautiful like the nice boys they are... I was laughing so hard.
  • The comments on the fact that I don't eat food... which is a complete lie, I mean look at me, and the shopping for pears. I love pears and I chose them as my treat for the campout.
  • It took over an hour to start the fire, and yes, they did have matches. After multiple failed attempts, much laughter, a fire was finally a glow.
  • Matt had to keep going into the woods and getting wood. I was dying when he was sliding down from way up the mountain with a branch twice his size. I kept calling, "you okay?" We continued getting to know each other by shouting down the mountain and having a full conversation 40 feet away from each other. Oh boy.
  • Bryce bought those big massive loafs of garlic bread, you know, the ones that are suppose to cook in the oven for a good ten minutes. He decided we could just cook it in the fire with the tin foil wrapped around it, which is actually paper. Yep, fire burning. Matt and I decided to try cooking a chunk on a piece of painted plywood over the fire. Ya, probably not the greatest idea. We both bit in and tried to act like it was okay until finally Matt said, "I can't eat this anymore... I'm sorry!" and threw it in the fire. I told him thank goodness cuz that was the nastiest thing I had eaten in a long time. It tasted like straight plywood and I'm sure the paint fumes in it were toxic! Ha ha ha!!!
  • I loved singing and talking around the fire. I laughed very hard, multiple times, especially at the fact that the smoke would not leave Matt and I alone! For real! I don't think I've ever had that much smoke in my face ever!!

Sunday Birthday Suprise

I just adore Taneesas grandma and grandpa and how special they make me feel :) I feel like their granddaughter from all the love they show me. They made a delicious potato bar, decorations, and games on the Sunday after my birthday! It was wonderful :) I just love them!!!!

The Big Two Zero!

It happened. I am no longer a teenager! Wild!!!! This was my first birthday ever away from my family, but thanks to my amazing roommate Taneesa, it was one of my best birthdays yet. She is so wonderful and I am so grateful for her love and thoughtfulness she pours towards me everyday. Lets begin from the beginning... thats a very good place to start, you know... :)

  • I am a pretty early riser. During the week, I wake up at 6 every morning. So on Saturday, when I should be waking up late to allow time for a birthday surprise apparently, I woke up at 8 and thought that was a wonderful birthday sleep in. I start getting out of bed and Taneesa says, "Lauren, go back to sleep." I say, "I can't Taneesa!" She tells me to try, so I close my eyes as I hear her rummaging around the aparment for the next hour while I'm faking that I am still asleep. I sneak Fablehaven 5 to read under the covers. Finally, she comes in to get me and says she is ready. And this is what I find :)
Yes, my name is spelled purposely wrong...
Little 20's everywhere with "We Love You" signs
Bathroom decorations
Little 20's everywhere!

  • My roommates then provided a delicious breakfast for me of colored pancakes and eggs. So yummy! So sweet :)

  • After the breakfast, I had to complete a poster for one of my classes. So I got hard to work, in my birthday hat, on my poster...
 I am a cheap college student, so instead of using poster board, I cut up this box
 Happy Birthday to me.. happy birthday to me...
 Gandhi says, "happy birthday to me too!" hahahaha
 I love Gandhi...
Poster created 

  • Let me just remind you, that yes, my birthday is in the month of April, and on the day of the 9th, where most people consider it to be a spring month. But let me allow you to take a gander at the conditions outside on this lovely day of my birth...

Oh Logan...

  • Next I opened lovely cards from my family everywhere. They were all so sweet and kind to remember me on my birthday :)
More came later that day :)

  • Next, Taneesa allowed me the choice of anywhere I wanted to go for my birthday. As nasty as this is, I really wanted to go to a Chinese Buffet! Unfortunately, the only one in town was shut down a week ago for either selling cat, diseased chicken, or health code issues; rumors are still circulating. So, I decided we should go to the newest restaurant in town called "Chuck-a-Rama", a crazy massive buffet! I was met by tons of my favorite people, flowers, and balloons! Holy moly did I feel loved!
 Matt, Kels, and Bryce
 Love this boy more than words...
 The reason I came to the buffet... :)
 More treats :)
 Flowers, so freaking pretty :)
 Jem and I laughing
 Party People
 My Favs!

  • While I was at the lovely buffet, a little man came hobbling up to me and asked if it was my birthday. I said it was, and he said it was his too and that he had a little something for me. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a 2 dollar bill :) It made me laugh and smile so much! I asked for a picture with him. Oh, I just adore people that are out to make your day that much better.

What a wonderful birthday. Once again, I am so blessed :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Last night Taneesa, Katie, and I went to the first act of an opera put on by USU called "The Magic Flute" by Mozart. I forgot how much I love that music. The orchestra was breathtaking, and the singing was beautiful. But surprisingly, I didn't miss singing opera as much as I thought I would. It was nice to sit back and enjoy. Here are some pictures of us :) I have to write a report on the scenery for my interior design class so I snagged a few pictures of the stage :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

End of my 4th College Semester

Ever feel like this????

Pretty much everyday of my life!!!

But lets just throw in work, church, and teaching voice lessons for fun!!!!

Oh goodness, I'm so blessed to be so anxiously engaged in so many causes!!!