Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parrott Famly Christmas Program

Breathe of Heaven and The Inkeeper Song
Chimming away!
I Saw Three Ships

First year in the Auditorium! It was so much fun! Crazy amounts of work, but what a blast!

Thanksgiving in Paradise

The family on Thanksgiving :)
Pretty dinner table
Cute little sibblings
Jalen and McKell, the cutest in the world!

For Thanksgiving I went to Paradise California. We had our Christmas program and a huge dinner at my dad's bishops house. It was good seeing everyone and getting out of freezing cold Utah.

Love You Long Time

My friend Colton is pretty much obsessed with this band called Love You Long Time. They were breaking up and having their last concert in Rexberg, Idaho. I told him I would go, he burned my the CD a week before, and I learned most the songs. It ended up being one of the funnest nights I have had in a long time. Sure it was 3 hours there and 3 hours back, sure it was foggier than foggy so we couldn't see the turning lane and got a $75 ticket, sure there were so many people in the upstairs ballroom that when everyone got jumping you could feel the floor going up and down about to break, but man, it was grand :) They told us we weren't allowed to jump anymore because the floor was going to collapse. I'm sure glad it didn't :)

The Howl!

Yeah, I'm a creeper...
Cassidy and Kendra were little Indians!

Utah State throws the biggest Halloween party in all over Utah. Of course I decided I had to go! People came up from BYU, Weber, St. George, everywhere, for the craziness. I realized all my years as a little girl, I always had to be something pretty, a princess, a cute witch, etc. This year, I was going to be scary! I dressed up as dead Dorthy! My friends thought I was crazy, but I loved it! The party was insane! I have never been that close, to that many sweaty bodies. There was an oxygen bar, (which I didn't try because the line was so long), a dance, croquet, a mind reader, Americas best dance crew, and much more. By the end of the night, aka 1 o'clock, I had sweated off all my make up and was beat! But oh, what fun!

LDV Halloween

OH, I wish I know what I was doing in this picture! Captain Jack Sparrow... And you can see in the background a road. Ha!
A monkey... oh Wyatt!

For a Latter Day Voice activity, we had a little Halloween party. I used my old Dorthy dress. It was cold, so I wore a jacket the whole time, and looking back on it, I don't really know how people could tell what I was! Ha ha ha! But lots of people got way into it and dressed up way fun. Good kids!