Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here I come Fall Semester :)

This might possibly be the most stressful semester of my life, but who is to say it won't be the most wonderful as well??? Keep up the smiles :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beautiful Bear Lake :)

I love this. Summer is so great. I'm blessed.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A few images of note

Tribute to Wrights 
My last few weeks of summer have been spent with these two amazing kids and their family. With my family so far away, it's nice to have something that feels a little bit like home. On Saturday, Mont rented a boat and we spent 4 hours straight tubing and wakeboarding. They make me laugh and smile so much. They are just such wonderful people to be around. I sure love the Wrights and am so blessed to know them :)
Tribute to Crushes 
Just a little flashback to EFY. I love what the children call COWS (crush of the weeks) and when counselors have them. One of my co's had a massive crush on this cutie on my left. I didn't think anything had come of it till I randomly saw Wes again and asked him whats up. He told me he was kinda dating someone and I said who? And it was Jessica, my co!!! Yes!!! It just made me smile, so I took a picture with him and sent it to her. Gosh, crushes are cute... :)
Tribute to Scabs
My roommates and I went out to play volleyball as a last evening together as room mates. Keshia is getting married so is leaving us. While we were playing, I went in for the epic dive, like always, and conveniently under a foot of sand also lay some massively hard concrete. So my foot starts bleeding, the ball didn't even go over the net, and we leave so we can clean the wound. Now it is a nasty greenish scab that gets quite the looks when I wear flip flops. But I think scabs are awesome! The fact that blood can coagulate into this rock hard thing blows my mind! Bodies are so cool!!! Scabs, you rock....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bear Lake

Taneesa and I went on an adventure to Bear Lake this past weekend. It was so great getting an hour away and seeing the beautiful lake. So relaxing! We also had a ward activity that weekend where we got to tube and relax on the beach. Again, I am so blessed!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Will :)

I have had such amazing friends in my life... One of those being William Sorrenson. Life has gotten crazy for us both and it has been way overdue since we have spent time together. I heard that he was leaving on his mission soon, so I attended his farewell. When I saw him, I realized how much I have missed spending time with him and what an incredible guy he is! He is so ready to serve a mission and will do such an amazing job. This past saturday we went on a fun group date with his brother and best friend. We drove down to Provo in a huge suburban, went to crown burger (which was actually so good) and then to comedy sports. That is hillarious and I would recommend it to anyone. Good, fun, clean, stand up comedy :) Then we got milk shakes and drove home. The freeway was doing construction on the route home, so instead of the 2 hour drive, it took us 4 hours!! We moved exactly one mile in the first hour! Crazy ridiculous! But at least the company was amazing! I had such a good time and feel so blessed to know such wonderful people. I laughed hard, sang hard, and smiled hard :) Those are the best days :)
 Car ride down... Chris "You're sitting in a home entertainment system!"
 The "Shake your face" game, and take a pic. Please look at Blondies face! hahaha! I was laughing so hard!
 The "blow your lips" game and take a picture :)
At Comedy Sports together. Please note the ridiculous pictures on the wall as well as the kind people in front of us ducking! Hahahah! Thank you kind people :)
 Sure do love this kid! Good luck Elder Sorrenson! You shall rock the world! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Really Summer?

Can you believe it? Summer is almost all gone and then its back to the endless school work, crazy shifts, and the hussle and bussle of being a college student. Here are a few things I've been feeling on August 5th, school starting ridiculously too soon....

1. I'm very excited for Annie

I chose this picture because it really freaks me out and makes me laugh so hard!! Hahaha! Honestly how hard is it to draw a cute little red head! Creepy!!!

Anyways, I now official have 3 roles in this...

              1. A Boylan Sister (my name is either Ronnie, Connie, or Bonnie; can't seem to keep it straight). The challenge there is that they put me as an alto. I feel like a man compared my super soprano-ness, but its good to be challenged.

              2. A Maid in Daddy Warbucks home. Dancing and cleaning... hoot hoot!

              3. Broadway Star. Yes, I do not have a real name, but yes, I do sing a large solo and get to walk down stairs holding suitcases. Hoot hoot!

2. Praxis Exam II

- For my major, I have to take this test called Middle School Math Praxis. I thought no big deal, but when I forked up the $140 to take the test, I thought I should look at the material! What? This is not middle school math!!!

So, that means Lauren has to do some major studying considering she hasn't taken math in 4 years. Ahhhh!!! Its crazy how fast that stuff you knew so well can leave you! I do not want to fail and have to pay that insane sum of money again, so study I will! It's just going to take a lot of work.

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."  ~Thomas Jefferson

3. Jeremy!
-Its officially less than a month away. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't freaking out, cuz I am. I have missed this kid more than you can imagine. Here are some of my favs with this cute boy... 

Is it bad I'm wanting summer to end so fast to see this cute kid? Maybe...

Life is so good. I am so blessed.