Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ogden 4 EFY: last week of EFY

It is absolutely crazy to think I am done with my last week of EFY. I can retire my bright blue and butter yellow polo. I no longer go to a fireside every sunday where my heart beats fast wondering who my kids will be for the next week and who I will be working with 24/7 for a whole week. There is no more waking up at 6 am every morning to prepare devotionals. There is no more meeting a group of kids that become mine and I get the privilege of working and getting to know so well. There will be no more partying at the wild dances every tuesday and friday night. There is no more thursday night testimony where the fruits of my labor become evident. But when something great ends, I know something great will soon begin. I'm excited to see where life will take me and use all I've learned at EFY to help me be the best person I can be. This last week was a good one. My kids were so kind and had such amazing in sight into things. Their cheer was ridiculously wonderful and won the cheer off. Oh how they made me smile :) Darling darling darling!

Place: Ogden, Utah
Age: 14-15
Co-counselor: Aaron
Session Director: Brother Hollist
Company: Curse Breakers

 There's our banner! Note the chain, says curse breakers and it is being broken.
 Oh how I love Ricky. What would the summer have been like without him? Best BC for sure!
Two of my angel girls, Bay and Whit. What sweethearts and so mature.
 My co Aaron and I at games night with the rugby ball. Our kids were a little obsessed with it and taught me how to throw it. I wasn't very good...
 Our amazing session directors, Brother and Sister Hollist. I sure look up to them and the amazing love they have for each other. I want a marraige like theirs.
Katie and Mckenna: words can not express the smallest part which I feel. I love them with every ounce in my heart.
 Our cheer at games night. Yes, this was the part where the bus singing, "the wheels on the bus go round and round" as they hit the dog of the boy who it having the worst day ever! I died! Really! Died!
 My best friends that I had the honor to stay with this last week. These girls mean the world to me.
A little ultimate ninja slap! I was very pleased how bad we whooped the other teams! I am a little competitive... okay, alot!
 My girl Rachel, leaving on a mission soon and will be so incredible. I loved talking with her and getting to know her these past few weeks. She wrote me a note that meant a whole lot to me. She is amazing.
 One of my great friends Sam. He helped me so much with my thoughts and just when I needed a friend. Such a neat kid.
 Bryson and Caleb, the most amazing twins I have ever met! Both those boys are just spectacular!
 Micen, such a ladies man! For real! He was always surrounded by girls from who knows where. But he was such a sweet heart and such an important part of our group. His testimony was so strong too and uplifted so many of us.
 Okay, I'm gonna miss this...
 Kjarinda, the most amazing counselor I think EFY has ever seen!
 Me and my girls :)
 Here's my co Aaron and I! Such a crazy kid!
 All boys and I :)
 Love my girl Savannah
 Do they have a curse? Ya they have a curse. Can we break the curse? Ya, we break the curse! Curse breakers!
 Gosh, I just love Matt!
 Luke and Treyson... they made me laugh... alot!
 How cute are these girls! Rachel and Bay! Love them!
 Oh Jayden, how I love her! I had her brother Josh in my group about 4 weeks ago! She was as equally as awesome as her brother! For real, these kids and just incredible. Her and her mom gave me a watch that said, "thank you for the time you have spent with my kids. You will be blessed." How freaking sweet is that! Gosh, I just adore this family and my girl Jayden and boy Josh. I will miss them so much!

Ogden 3 EFY

This was such a great week! It was so awesome to be back with my original team and I so happened to get with one of my good friends as a co counselor. This was definitely the quietest and shyest group I had all summer, but still so fun!!! I think my craziness was a little wild for them at first, but then they learned to dance like crazy people with me soon enough. The boys in our group were seriously little Nephi's and Moroni's. I was so impressed with them. The girls loved Andrew and I seemed to click with the boys so the dynamics were a little different, but still awesome! I loved sitting in our company spot, with all the kids around us, talking and hearing about their lives. They loved to play games, so we did that constantly, including Bong, ninja, and they really loved poison! I do hate that one.... But an amazing week!

Place: Ogden, Utah
Age: 14-15
Co-counselor: Andrew
Session Director: Brother Matheson
Company: Fish Mountain
 Two of the sweetest boys. So nice and so willing to serve all the time.
Our flipping cute company. What amazing kids. What a sunny hot day!
 There he is, my amazing co Andrew :) We also got to sing together that week, Come to the Mountain of the Lord. He is massively talented at music and harmonies. It was such a privilege to sing with him.
 Oh my heavens, these are two of my favorite boys of all time! Shad and Bretton. Such sweethearts that were always there to make me smile and laugh. They taught me to shoot the tops of soda cans, and we did that quite frequently to try and make them land on the roof. They did an awesome variety show number and are just crazy awesome boys. Sure do love them.
 Oh Matt! He tried to run away when we requested a picture, but don't worry, we snatched before he got away :) Cute, funny little guy!
 I cannot even close to express how much I love this girl. I would not have been able to do EFY without her. What an amazing friend, counselor, and person she is. I adore her!
 Abe and I, not only love the name, but love him!
 My fashion buddy Noah and I. This is our attempt at being models. I'm pretty sure he pulled it off, but I'm seriously doubting myself. I love this boy! Such a party!
 Some of my girls for this week. Little angels that made my week a blast.
 Andrew and I at games night!!! So fun with our fish mountain children!
 Leslie and I with our design for orientation. Oh the things you can do with EFY wristbands.
 Our banner! Note the fact it is not only a mountain with waterfalls and fish swimming down, but also the mouth of a larger fish eating the small ones. Ya, we balling :)

 Linda and I. Stayed with this cute girl all week with long talks that were long needed :)
 Hahahaha! Andrew and I laying in the grass during free time! What a great week!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Orem EFY

Oh my goodness! Another spectacular week of EFY. It was fun to be back with the Taylorsville Team and have a switch up in scenery. This, by far, was the hardest week I've ever had with my kids. But this, by far, was one of the more spectacular weeks I've had. Even with all the troubles and one thing after another that my co's go "What?!?!?" We couldn't help but smile and laugh about the amazing fun time we had. It really was a roller coaster week, but who says that can't be the best kind of week??? Ha ha ha! Thank goodness for my awesome co's or I don't know if I could have done it.
Place: Orem, Utah
Age: 16-18
Co-counselor: Jessica and Michael
Session Director: Brother Su'a
Company: The Children
 Dakota, one of the greatest boys ever!!!
 Hula dancing at games night with my girl Rachel. She is so good at Hula dancing! Its a little intense!
 Our cute cute banner, one of my favorites yet. I just loved our name this week. It cracked me up!
 Our company at games night. Win, win, win, win, win!
 Sunday dress up with my beautiful girls. Goodness, were they great. Our devotionals were seriously the best I've had all summer. I would ask a question and they would just comment and comment. I learned so much from these girls and their testimonies.
 Gym floor sitting, seems to be a regular occurrence at EFY.
 Oh my gosh, how I love this girl. One of the happiest, sweetest, and kindest girls I've ever met. I will never forget "happy" Haley :)
 Our company for our "crazy picture". What nuts!
 Our appreciation cheer, which just cracked my up!!!! My favorite line was, "We don't know what you do, but you do it really well, so we thank you, ya ya, we thank you." I was dying! These kids crack me up!
 Two absolutely incredible girls. They are both graduated and starting college this fall. I felt honored to be their counselor for their last EFY experience. We became great, great friends :)
 Me and my girls :)
 My co Michael and I... gosh do I love this boy! Sick guitar skills, awesome dancing skills, spectacular testimony.
 My co Jessica. I love this girl to death. We became such good friends and I really did need her this week. She touched my heart and always made me smile. I'm gonna miss her a ridiculous amount!
 We wrote our kids a song to "I will follow you into the dark" for our kids to tell them how much we love them. It was super cute and we got the "awwwww" reaction :) Thats how you know something is good :) "When you feel alone and sad, smile and get glad, cuz you are the best "children" we've ever had"
 Some of the cutest and craziest boys I know!
 Rachel, what do I even say??? This girl is blow my mind incredible. She is one of those girls that always steps up to the plate, always serving, always looking for how to be better. She is outstandingly talented and has one of the strongest testimonies. I absolutely loved becoming her friend this week and feel completely honored to know her.
 Good heck, Mitch and Alex, I love you boys!
 Who are we??? The Children! What are we??? Awesome! You should have seen our cheer. They pretended like they were sunbeams singing primary songs. I died!
 Our final dance as co's!!! I can not even start to express my love for these guys!!! We danced, cried, and laughed together as we thought of this wild week. So blessed am I.