Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cleaning the Sink!

There is this crazy tradition in Logan at this little restaurant called "Angies". I decided since I've lived here for almost 2 years, and was hard up on an activity for my friends birthday, we should partake in the enthralling tradition...

Step One: Show up at "Angies", get a table, and have everyone give you at least 2 dollars. (Car Change is quite acceptable, as was for our group who made 9 dollars with just simple quarters)

Step Two: Request "The Sink" and choose 3 toppings. (Of course, since its Williams birthday, he was the chooser. He choose Reeses, Carmel, and Chocolate).

Step Three: Take a picture with the sink, before beginning the adventure.

Step Four: Do not get distracted by the ease you might think this feat is, due to your hunger and the number of participants. That sink is deep... deeper than you think.

Step Five: Eat Eat Eat Eat! Don't stop! (It might help to play some Hercules music in the background).

Step Six: Sit back, relax, and view the major accomplishment you have just... well... accomplished

Step Seven: Give the prize winning sticker that says "I cleaned the sink at Angies" to the Birthday boy. :)

And there you have it. We cleaned the sink at Angies!

Old Friend

It is so crazy to think it has been almost four years since I lived in my favorite state Arizona. The friends I had there seem to be my friends regardless how much time goes. It seems we always simply pick up where we left off. This weekend my old friend Brittney came up and spent the night. It was so good seeing her, catching up on each others lives, and laughing it up :)


Here are just a few pictures from one of my favorite games called "Freeze". We played it with Latter- Day Voices for an activity. I could seriously play this game for hours :)

Latter- Day Voices in Salt Lake

The group I'm in, Latter-Day Voices, was asked to introduce this years new church music to THE WORLD! :) We sang some beautiful pieces written by wonderful people. The composers of the songs were in the audience and stood at the beginning. It was amazing seeing some of the famous church composers we hear of all the time, Sally DeFord, Janice Kapp Perry, etc. I was blessed to be able to sing a small solo in a new arrangement of "Our Saviors Love". We sang in the Salt Lake Assembly Hall, which was absolutely beautiful.

We sang with a primary choir that introduced two new primary songs. They rode up with us on the bus ride from Logan to Salt Lake. What sweet kids, and what a sweet experience :)