Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Grand Ole' People from Michigan

I am so glad my great friends have returned back to Utah from their home in Michigan. As soon as they got in, we have spent time together tons of nights :) These kids are incredible! Our adventures included Killer Bunnies, SKUNK, (cow at that time), Prince of Persia, and Camp out at Bear Lake. So fun!!!

After Prince of Persia, we then played apples to apples till 2 in the morning :)

My bestest friend and room mate! Love her so much!

Justin James, which is pretty much one of the coolest people I've met. Here's a story for you. When I spent the night with them at Bear Lake after one of my shows, in the morning, Justin asked me if I wanted to go ride the 4 wheeler with him. Of course I wanted to, but wasn't to fond of the idea of me driving. He drove up the trail and then when we got to the top, he asked if I wanted to try driving. I reluctently said yes and then took off. I got a little carried away, for on the down hill straight away I started going really fast and all of a sudden there was a super sharp turn. Yep, totally missed it. So there we are, flying through bushes hitting branches of trees, I close my eyes because I'm so scared, till finally Justin helps me with the break. We stop, we nervously laugh, and then switch places so I don't KILL US!!!! Goodness! Me + 4 wheelers, a little wild....

Singing at the Fair

My friend Nate was in charge of the entertainment at Logan Days. He asked a few young ambassadors, me, and these three other girls to sing at the fair. I sang "I'm a Star" and "I'm not Afraid". I also played the piano on a number and helped some flipping of pages. I thought it would be a lot bigger and more attentive audience, but I must admit I enjoyed the chill atmosphere of people coming and going, people listening or talking, eyes on you or off. I would do it again in a heart beat :)

Creative Mood???

Black flower with clip on back
Some flowers with feathers.. little crazy for me, but dang cute on Shaylie :)

Here are some cute head bands and hair clips I made with some friends. I was feeling artsy, which is weird, because I hardly ever feel that way. It must have to do with my new job at the Prince Gallery. So I just picked up some hair clips, flowers, and ribbon and some friends and I created master pieces!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My "Vacation" of the Summer

My grandparents and my dad came to visit and see my show. We got to go to my seconds cousins beautiful home and swim in their gorgeous pool.
Jacob and I at the beautiful pool.
Probably the cutest little guy in the entire world
Maddox with some of my favorite people :)

Music Theatre West Music Camp

Another thing to fill up my time before I got my new job; Music Theater West Music Camp. I volunteered and helped some cuties with solos, did some dance moves, and had so much fun. I would love to run a music workshop camp some day. Here's a few cute pics.

New Job!!!!

Thanks to an amazing friend that recommended me, I was able to get a job at Prince Gallery. It is a framing shop that does amazing work!!! I am so excited to learn this new skill and work on my patience. I am so blessed.

Working the Pickle

Popcorn is probably one of my favorite things to sell... and with these faces we sell the most
Two of the cutest girls. We work the snow shack. Dreamsickle, best flavor :)
This is the poster for the show I'm in :) If you look really closely you can see me on the bottom

Eden Utah

My friend from back in Arizona my freshman year just returned home from his mission. While he was on his mission, his family moved to Utah, so he didn't really know anyone when he returned home. We talked over facebook and drove to see each other. The night involved an amazing fourth of July party with a live awesome band, some awkward home from mission moments, and salsa dancing till midnight in a church parking lot! Oh gosh! I gotta say, I laughed a freaking ton!