Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas from Gray Brick 3

My darling room mates and I had a photo shoot this weekend for Christmas. I'm going to take some of the cutest ones and blow them up for our apartment. They turned out super cute. I am so blessed to have such darling room mates. 

  • I love her smile and sparkly eyes
  • I love her mad eye brow plucking skills
  • I love her chicken fried steak she taught me to cook
  • I love how helpful she is and always willing to get to work. She is such a hard worker.
  • I love her willingness to listen to my problems and to always sincerelly ask how my day is
  • I love her :)
  • I love her laugh and how she can lay in bed and laugh with me
  • I love her style and her fashion tips
  • I love her pushing me to go to the gym
  • I love her voice, it is so fun to listen to her sing
  • I love her text messages when I'm sitting right next to her
  • I love her
  • I love her "motherly" care for our apartment
  • I love the delicious food she is always making
  • I love hearing about all her dates and the billions of men that are in love with her
  • I love her hair and how beautiful and flowy it
  • I love how she listens and is always trying to do her best.
  • I love her

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Parrott Family Christmas Program 2010

I am so blessed to have the oppurtunities I do in California. I love my family and love being able to perform with them. I'm so grateful for the effort put in and the oppurtunity to share my talents. Here are just a few pictures from the performance. Merry Christmas :)
 My dad, Alexis, Spencly, Riss, Myself, Brother
(Good thing Jacobs not a creeper or anything...)

 Cutest Children on planet Earth!
(For real! Check out the two on the end!)

Me and Bro Jo going at it on the bells :)
(Again... good thing Jacobs not a creeper or anything)

Grandma Hyra

 My roommate Taneesa has one of the most adorable grandmas around; Grandma Hyra. I just recently found some pictures she took from some of me and T's shows in the past semester. I thought I'd give you a little taste of them, and give a shout out to Grandma Hyra. Thanks for all the yummy dinners, the good advice, your awesome piano playing skills, and letting me and T crash your home so much. We love you!

After our LDV missionary fireside. Taneesa sang a beautiful song and did terrific. We love Teddi!

At Taneesas voice recital. I was her "wonderful accompanist" as she announced it. She sang "In His Eyes" from Jekyll and Hyde. So beautiful.

Wyatt, Tan, and me after the recital.

All of us after. There is the Grandma Hyra I speak of. What tremendous people!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure

Okay, here is our latest Christmas adventure. My roommates and I have really really wanted a christmas tree for quite some time now. We looked around but all were rather pricey. We checked the dollar store but no luck. While walking back to the apartment from mine and Taneesas biology class, we discovered a wrapped up christmas tree sitting next to the garbage and recycling bin in the TSC. We both stood there for about 5 minutes questioning whether or not we should take the tree. Could it be someones? Why was it sitting here?

I told her she should take it, it was probably going to the trash. She said she didn't want to take it, and that I should.

We kept debating it till a delightful friend named Karly showed up on the scene. "I'll take it!" She told us. So quickly she picked up the tree and brought it to our apartment. While unwrapping it, we found a paper that said "Acadmic Resource Center". We started freaking out a little. Oh crap, we stole a christmas tree! Santa is not coming to visit us! Coal coal coal!

I pulled out my cell phone, called USU, and had them direct me to the Academic Resource Center. I explained that we saw a tree sitting next to a trash can, so we took it home, thinking it was trash, but then found the note. I asked if they were missing a christmas tree. My heart started beating fast as he told me he would go ask his boss.

To my delight, he came back on the phone and said that was their tree from last year and that they had just gotten a new one. We were free to keep it!

My whole apartment was freaking out! We got our christmas tree, and for free! I don't know, santa might be doing special things for us early this year.

I am so thankful for christmas time. I thankful for the little moments heavenly father gives me to make me smile, like the finding of our new Christmas tree :) I am so blessed!

And, oh hey, we need a fireplace too, hello! Here is what my crazy roomies and I came up with :)

Shout out to Spenc and Riss

I simply love my step brother and sister. 

Spencer is such a wonderful guy and is going to be a splendid missionary. He makes me laugh so hard and is always there to lighten heavy moods

Charissa is a sweetheart. She is always there to help and work hard. She is super smart and a delight to be with. I love talking to her, hearing about her life, and being around her :)

Love you guys!

The Cutest Kids in Paradise

I cannot believe how old my little cousins are getting. I went up to Northern California for Thanksgiving weekend and got to spend time with these darling babes. I brought down my camera to the gym where they all play to take some pictures. They soon wanted to be a photographer like me :) Here are some of the fun pictures I took of them, and they took of me. I sure do love these children!
 Dallen- holy moly! Look at his eyes!
 Sweetie Mckell
 Me and who knows: definitely a child shot :)
 Mckell and Landen
 My lovely self portrait by Dallen
 Another lovely self portrait by Landen
 One word: lovely
 Legos with Mckell
 Mckells shot at picture taking skills :)
 Dallen and Mckell on the alphabet floor.

IWA Dance

The institute has a wonderful organization called IWA (Institute Women Association). My lovely room mate Keisha is the president of our "chapter" and my other roommate Kenz is her adviser. I joined the group after hearing about the many wonderful things they do like recipe exchanges, service, and learning new skills. This past activity was very exciting: the IWA winter dance. It was a girls choice dance theme of Candy land. I asked my darling friend Ryan to be my date and we had a blast! From our Barbarian Banquet (eating a huge meal, on the ground, with only a knife) and dancing, I had so much fun. Here are some fun pictures from the night.